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What dates can I host an event?

Premieres for Loud Krazy Love begin May 2. We are encouraging as many events as possible during that first week (May 2-May 9). This is when press attention, social media, and advertising will be happening. However you are welcome to plan a premiere any date after May 2.

Can I host a screening in a theater?

Yes. We can connect you with the team that is arranging theater showings.

How do I host an event?

Please complete the form. Our team will review your submission, reply with any questions, and then confirm your event. We then will provide you with instructions on how to make your event as successful as possible.

Will you help me promote my event?

Yes. Once your event is confirmed, we will provide you with resources, promotional materials, and other assistance to make your event successful.

I have a question. Is there someone I can speak with directly?

Yes, you can email us at LoudKrazyLove@aspiration.events

What does it cost to host an event?

There are two approaches to bringing Loud Krazy Love to your community.

First, you can sell tickets (we provide a custom ticketing page for your event). Tickets are set at $8 each.

Second, you can pay a flat licensing fee. Please check the box on the form to alert of us your interest.

Do you have a ticketing solution available?

Yes. All events include a custom ticketing system that allows you and your community to purchase tickets.

In what format will the film arrive?

The film will be available in streaming, download, or DVD/Blu-ray depending on your preference and needs.

How long is the film?

The movie is 87 minutes.

My event is coming up, when will you send the film?

We will send the film approximately 7 days prior to your event. You should test and/or download the film to ensure proper playback on audio and video.

Is there more than one event happening in my city? If so, is it possible to partner with those already planning an event?

Yes, we are happy to help connect you with others hosting events in your area.